• Gowland 102 al 126, Montevideo Uruguay


The metal recycling activity collaborates in caring for the environment by reducing the need to extract new metals, saving energy and prolonging the useful life of materials indefinitely.

Within the framework of our environmental commitment, the materials or waste to be recovered are classified, conditioned and managed, in full compliance with the guidelines established by decree 182/013, applicable to the management of industrial and assimilated solid waste.


In full accordance with our MISSION, all company processes are carried out in compliance with the environmental requirements established by the competent authorities. Based on this, we present below the summary of environmental authorizations obtained by our company, which demonstrate our commitment to legal compliance in the matter.

Authorization number/ authorization/ RM MVOTMA 1005/2019

Authorization number/ authorization/ renewal

Authorization number / rating / RM MVOTMA 980/2016 and 770/2018 (in renewal)

Authorization number/ authorization/ RM MVOTMA 980/2016

Authorization number / authorization / RD DINAMA 603/2015 (in renewal)

Authorization number/ authorization/ #153

These authorizations support our transport service (withdrawal and delivery of recoverable materials), plant management of all materials (including the particular case of acid and lead batteries) and their subsequent corresponding management. In this way, we assure customers, suppliers and society in general that the marketing of recoverable materials through our company is carried out in compliance with the applicable environmental regulations in each case.

The aforementioned authorizations include the management, among others, of the following materials: