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After the useful life of the batteries ends, they become a very dangerous waste for human health and the environment, but at the same time it is valuable for its components such as lead, which encourages its recycling.

Battery recycling is an alternative to reduce production costs and reduce the risk of environmental damage associated with uncontrolled final disposal, natural resources are protected by reducing the demand for mining operations, energy is saved since the production of lead obtained from Recycling requires four times less energy than primary lead extracted from galenas.

At Filmetal we are aware of this problem and that is why for years we have dealt with the issue of battery recycling with great responsibility, training our staff to be able to operate with batteries with the necessary care, and using methods and processes that respect the environment.

Disused batteries are considered toxic waste. All importers must adhere to a Master Plan approved by DINAMA.

At Filmetal S.A we have a Master Management Plan for lead acid batteries approved by the National Directorate for the Environment, with an authorization number: RM MVOTMA 1005/2019.

We are one of the main buyers of batteries in Uruguay.


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