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Let's take care of the environment

About Us

Filmetal S.A

We are a family business established since 1970, which guarantees the seriousness, honesty and continuity of the firm.
We are among the most important companies in the non-ferrous metal recycling industry in our country.
At Filmetal S.A we have a policy of continuous improvement, orienting ourselves both to industrial processes, as well as to environmental care, always keeping in mind the regulations and new global trends.
We are aware that the only constant is change, that is why we recycle ourselves every day,seeking to be better and more competitive, making use of our human team, machinery and technology and analyzing new possibilities for improvement.

Other values

Roberto Filgueira began his first experiences in metal recycling at a very young age, with very few resources but with a lot of drive and effort. Honest, serious and responsible Roberto little by little begins to make a place for himself, managing to reach substantial suppliers who trusted him and his human quality. At 42 years old, with a lot of experience behind him and great family support, he decided to found Filmetal SA, which opened its doors on May 15, 1970 in Montevideo. In its beginnings the company was dedicated to the purchase and classification of metals. Subsequently, the use of the furnace is undertaken, turning Filmetal SA into a foundation and expanding its services. Currently, Filmetal SA has more than 4 years of impeccable experience and continues to be guided by the same family and the same values that moved Roberto to start this legacy. Today we are in the third generation in the company. Today we are among the most important firms in the metal recycling industry in our country. Today and every day we do our work with enthusiasm and dedication, because that is how Roberto taught us, and because we know that the only way to do things is to do them well.

At Filmetal S.A we recycle metals such as bronze, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, disused batteries, etc., respecting environmental regulations throughout the production process. We carry out separation, selection and compaction of the same and then market ourselves to local and international clients, such as Spain, Mexico, China and India, among others.