Be are reference to all industries that recycle and value the importance of the recycling in the country and for all national or international agents 
who make the recycling of  no ferrous metal a way of life.


Perform our work in a serious, honest and responsible to all our customers, personal and social environment and bet on continued innovation and environmental care.


As part of our commitment to caring for the environment, or non-recycled waste materials are packaged and managed in accordance with the guidelines established by Decree 182/2013, concerning the management of industrial solid waste and assimilated, with special emphasis in the final management with those operators authorized by the Ministry

Products and services

FILMETAL S.A. It is a company of the recycling industry non-ferrous metals. We recycle metals such as bronze, copper, aluminum, etc. We select and compacting them and then sell them to clients locally and internationally. We work with clients from countries like Spain, Mexico, China and India.

  Committed to the environment.

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Montevideo, Uruguay